Are there a minimum number of walks required per week?

Yes.  We do not provide part time service for dog clients. We require two scheduled walks per week to be eligible for "on call" and vacation care service for your pet(s).  


How does the sign up process work?

In order for us to check availability of a dog walker in your area, Please fill out the form under the SIGN UP tab.   Once we determine we have a walker available we can schedule a meet and greet in your home, weekday evenings or during the day on weekends at your convenience.

Do you need keys to my house?

Yes. Westside Paw Walkers does require two sets of keys when used as the preferred method of entry.  If only one set is provided, a $5.50 duplicate key charge will be applied to your account once we make a copy. 


How do I schedule my walks ?

Once we have completed the meet and greet, you will be given credentials to log in to your account where you can schedule your services along with adding payment options and receiving invoices online through that portal.


What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours preferably, but we understand things come up. As long as you notify us of the cancellation and we confirm we've received it before your walker is out, you won't be charged.

Do you walk on weekend and holidays?
Yes.  Westside Paw Walkers are available for visits everyday of the year.  We do have limited availability on major holidays.  Weekend and holiday care must be booked with proper notice since there is limited coverage. We prefer to have all weekend requests in by 5pm Thursday.


Do you do background checks on your walkers?

Yes, all of our applicants undergo a background check, and walkers are monitored throughout their employment.


What does your insurance cover?

Our insurance covers any personal property in our care, custody, and control (including pets).


Can you check in and take out my new puppy or senior dog more than once per day ?

Yes, we provide a puppy and senior 15 minute express package where we'll come and visit and  take out your dog twice per day  3-4 hours apart.